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Long time no see! Sorry ‘bout that. We’re alive and well in Nagoya and hoping everyone is doing fine. I do love the wintertime but one big consolation of its passing is the cherry blossom season and I’m looking forward to getting out under those beautiful blooms for some first class springtime revelry!

Lots of news - first and foremost is my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary on April 2nd. Congratulations Mom and Dad on this golden achievement!

And speaking of anniversaries… Johnny (the night club) is celebrating its 25th! Congrats to Murasaki-san and thanks for the effort you’ve made in creating such a nice space and supporting Jazz through these years. Hats off, too, to Ken, Harumi and Maritess ? keep up the good work.

Big news: Caballero got a baby grand piano! Wow! By some miracle, Boss fit it on the stage and it sounds great. It’s a new world at the Caballero ? come on down and check it out.

Also on the horizon…I’ll be joining again with Japanese dance (nihon buyo) master Masako Nishikawa for two performances. The first is at Cafe Tanaka in Kamiida (Nagoya) on April 18th at 7:30pm and the second is at Chiryu Saintpia Hotel on May 19th at 6:00pm. A true “east meets west” collaboration that’s definitely worth seeing.

Enjoy the sakura!


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