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12月 Somebody Loves Me / Toshiko Ushijima,
** Keepin' the Swing / Donny Schwekendiek 販売中です。
date/time place band W/ :with
12/2~12/5 Taiheiyo Ferry
just me playin' & singin'
12/6(Wed) 7pm imago
Just me …
12/7(Thur) 7pm imago
Duo w/ Ohmura(bs)
12/8(Fri) 8:30 Johnny w/Ken Valdez(vo)
12/9(Sat) 6pm Obama, Fukui
12/13(Wed) 7pm imago
Duo w/ Okitsu(el-b)
12/15(Fri) 7pm imago
**Toshiko & Donny Birthday Live!**
Toshiko(vo) w/Donny & Kitaura(bs)
12/20(Wed) 7pm imago
Mika Watanabe(vo) + The Trio
12/21(Thur) 7pm imago
Duo w/ Kitaura
12/23(Sat) 7pm imago**Christmas Dinner Show**
call for reservations 予約制
Helen Homer + Donny 3
12/24(Sun) 7pm imago**Christmas Dinner Show**
call for reservations 予約制
Prisca Molotsi + Donny 3
12/27(Wed) 7pm imago
Just me …
12/28(Thur) 7pm imago
Duo w/Kitagawa(bs)
12/29(Fri) 7pm imago Trio Lobos*****
Donny + Okitsu + Ruben
12/30(Sat) 7:30 Star Eyes Prisca Molotsi + Donny 3
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
Yoi O-toshi Wo!!! Rainen mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!
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